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Meet JONATHAN MOYLE, the director of UATL® Patent Department.
His expertise with 26 years of experience as Senior Examiner and leading expert at European Patent Office, ​The Hague, NL guarantee the very best professional approach and competence in the market.

Filing patents can be a good strategy for startups to increase both short-term and long-term valuations. In the later stages of a startup, owning a strategic patent portfolio (including granted patents with significant patent coverage on the startup’s core products or services) can make it particularly attractive to be acquired by larger companies.

There are generally 3 patenting strategies for startups.

Strategy 1 — Offensive patent filing strategy
The purpose of an offensive patent filing strategy is to block competitors from using your proprietary technologies as well as to generate royalties by enforcement of patent rights. Using an offensive patent strategy means filing patents covering all reasonable inventions as soon as possible.

Strategy 2 — Defensive patent filing strategy
When filing patents defensively, a company files patents with a view to ensure that they are able to use their own innovations without the risk of competitors patenting that technology and restricting their rights to the invention.

Strategy 3 — Defensive publication/disclosure
Defensive publication, or defensive disclosure of a new technology, is a strategy used to prevent third parties from obtaining a patent on that technology. It involves disclosing a description and/or drawing of the product, apparatus or method so that it enters the public domain.

Patent advantages:

  • Patents can be important corporate assets that add value.
  • Prevent competitors from using your inventions (but remember, you have to enforce your rights).
  • Protect an area of research while you identify a product.
  • Provide a licensing revenue.
  • Showcase your technology as a magnet for potential investment.
  • Provide leverage for co-licensing deals when partnering Consider your goals before patenting.

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